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제목: US Air Force Captain John Blaha Space Shuttle Atlantis 1996-1998 STS79 & 81.

작성자: W6NYU
Updated on 04/18/2022

US Air Force Captain John Blaha Story

i really appreciated that KARA new and returning members participated April Field Day event and practiced radio communication skills.

i had a very good moment to talk about the HAM radio and antenna systems with the new members.  During the antenna and radio setup demonstration, i briefly mentioned about my ham radio experience that i used to monitor the Space Shuttle missions to the space during my college and university years in 1990s.  

JPL Repeater System in Pasadena, California relayed the entire space shuttle mission communications with the mission control center of  Johnson Space Center in Texas.   i had a chance to find a few video clips in the YOUTUBE.  I would like to share with new KARA members and friends together.  





Who is Captain John Blaha??

Captain John Blaha in Russian MIR


Captain John Blaha in Atlantis Return to Earth.


Captain John Blaha Atlantis STS-81 Mission to Russian MIR

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